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Don't Delay, Call LeNay!

Don't Delay, Call LeNay!

Don't Delay, Call LeNay! Don't Delay, Call LeNay!
Wedding Officiant

Wedding Ceremony by an o ordained minister, Wedding officiant

Are You Getting Married?

Are you unsure of the next step?  As the Wedding Officiant, we've have you covered. Our services as a Wedding Minister allows you to have your wedding exactly as you imagined, without all of the fuss!  Maybe you want a simple country wedding, an impromptu elopement at your favorite restaurant, at your favorite park, or during sunset at the beach.  Maybe you want your ceremony in the comfort and privacy of your own back yard, at a family reunion, or at a romantic picnic. The ceremony should be the start of something magical, and as stress free as possible - we're here to help keep your peace of mind on your big day. 

If you are in need of a last minute or same day Wedding Officiant, or a last minute - same day Wedding -  Marriage Ceremony, give LeNay a call at (323) 770-6706.  


Wedding Day

Right up until the big day, you can contact me with any questions or changes.  

Here is What A Ceremony Typically Consists Of: 


Guests are seated, the officiant and wedding party enters and takes their places.


The officiant begins the ceremony (this is the “we are gathered here today” portion). This is also where personal stories of the couple may be shared and specials readings are read. 


This is when the officiant reminds the couple of their individual duties and roles in the marriage and prepares them for the vows they are about to take. *This is sometimes eliminated or combined in a shorter form into the invocation above.  


 This is where the couple makes a loving promise and commitment to each other. Officially, couples must declare their intent in order for a marriage to be legal. This is the “I Do” stage, and it is the public verbal declaration that the couple knowingly and willingly enters the contract of marriage, so it must include some sort of verbiage that shows this willing vow.



“With this ring, I thee wed…”


 “By the power vested in me and by the State of CALIFORNIA…”,which signals that the marriage has taken place both legally and spiritually, and that the Ordained Minister has been given the authority by the government to pronounce the couple as legally married. Of course, this is also the traditional stage where the couple is told to kiss. 


Need More Information

Contact us for a consultation we'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about licensing, paperwork, costs, etc. We're here for you!