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Apostille & Authentications certify the authenticity of the signature of the official (such as the Notary Public) who signed the document and the capacity in which that official acted. 

How to get an Apostille?  Allow a Notary Public with LeNay, Notary and More! to be that Notary Public who acts with integrity while acting as an impartial witness in performing your legal Notarial transaction. In addition to performing duties as the Notary Public, we will also provide the courier service for your Apostille needs. 

The California Secretary of State Apostille fee is $20.00 for each authentication certificate and an additional $6 special handling fee for each different public official's signature to be authenticated is required. 

Call us for pricing and to schedule an appointment at (323) 770-6706  for Notary Services and Apostille Courier Fee. 

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We also provide Mobile Notary and Apostille Services for Los Angeles County and Orange County. 

For office after hours call (323) 770-6706. 

Apostille Notary
Apostille Notary